photos of people that look like dogs

Here are some of the best matches done by the hilarious twitter account "You are dog now". So if you ever wanted to be a dog, you can submit a picture to this Twitter account and the person or persons behind it will go to great lengths to find a dog image that matches your appearance, expression, position, location, accessories, and whatever else it takes to make you a dog.

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A photograph purportedly showing the English musician and the Argentinian-Cuban revolutionary playing music together was digitally altered.

The video of Skittles the cat and his tiny friend was captured by Laurie Pinksen while visiting their family cabin: "Our cats name is Skittles. She is a very gentle cat and has always been around small children and babies," said Laurie to Iizcats. "Skittles enjoys roaming the neighborhood and is often seen playing with children". With such a friendly cat, it's not surprising Skittles loves to bring new friends home...

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No more iTunes! WinX MediaTrans 3.8 enables you to edit, add, delete, unchain DRM and transfer iOS files in multi-way. No Apple ID needed, you manage your music, movies, photos, books and other files securely - without
risk of file erasing.

More than an iTunes alternative. Give you what iTunes lacks.

  • Enable direct two-way transfer as simple as copy-and-paste:photos, videos, music, eBooks, Voice, etc.

  • Move non-iTunes media to iPhone. Auto convert video to MP4, audio to MP3.

  • Unchain DRM. Make M4V/M4P/M4A files from iTunes Store playable in any devices.

  • Utilize Hardware Acceleration tech. Selectively transfer iPhone (photos) to PC in a flash.

  • Make iPhone ringtone with music on your computer or iPhone.

  • Turn iDevice into USB to store any files.

Bonus: Submit your story with iTunes. Be the Meme King and win Paypal cash ($1200 in total).

PhotoScissors 3.0

Jul. 27th, 2017 04:00 am[syndicated profile] giveawayofthday_feed

Posted by GOTD_Editor

PhotoScissors saves the day when you quickly need to cut out a person or an object to paste it to another picture, or to remove background from a photo. You don't need any specific skills or professional software for a perfect image clip: few mouse strokes produce an accurate clipping path that can be further enhanced with fine brushes.

Purchase Personal license (with support and updates) with 50% discount!


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